06 Aug 2014

You Are Magic

Did you know?  It’s the kind of thing that we know when we are children.  We seek play. We are full of wonder, amazement, and imagination.  We move the clouds as they drift through the sky. We connect ourselves with the stars as watch them emerge in the night….

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10 May 2014

Perhaps the most challenging of audience members to perform for is the cynic.  The one who stopped believing in Magic a long time ago.  The one who feels that the Magician is trying to pull wool over his eyes or is somehow mocking his intelligence by asking him to…

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02 Mar 2014

Life is Magic

What is the purpose of Magic, or a Magician anymore? I’ve asked myself this time and time again … I believe the Answer is yes.  It is, after all, the oldest of professions.  And, in spite of visual effects in movies, there is something to be said for the…

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28 Feb 2014

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

- Imagination -