29 Sep 2016

Money Magic on Wake Up with CW

Money Magic and Haunted Hardware on Wake Up with CW – LIVE television performance.
Host Jeff Maher welcomed Jason back to the CW’s live morning show, Wake Up with CW on Thursday September 29, 2016 to discuss Jason’s appearance on the Season Finale of the top rated “Masters of Illusion“.

For this appearance, Jason debuted his new illusion, “Moneymorphosis”,  a money magic trick, borrowing a dollar bill from host Jeff Maher.  As we all know, money can transform – we exchange money for time, for goods and services.  Put enough money together, and money becomes a house, a television, savings for a vacation, experiences. In today’s performance, Jeff Maher’s borrowed bill visually transforms before your eyes in a special trick that must be seen to be believed. But then again, as Jeff exclaimed: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing. That’s amazing!”

With a tip of his hat to Halloween and the occult side of magic, Jason performed a second illusion that will have you wondering, Is it Telekinesis or is it Haunted? Either way,  Jeff Maher was delighted and astonished.

It is always a treat for Jason to perform on Wake Up with CW. He’s just glad they don’t mind the tricks. To see more of Jason on the CW, make sure to tune into the Season Finale of Masters of Illusion Friday, September 30 2016 at 8pm PST. (Non PST time zones, check your local listings for exact times.)

About Jason Bird

Jason Bird has been performing magic for 20 years. Considered one of the best sleight of hand artists of his generation, he is a gifted close-up magician as well as a unique combination of illusionist and storyteller known for interweaving story with magic.

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