This Is How We Do Things ‘Round Here.

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Turn UP the Heat. Lukewarm is No Good.

I’m on a mission to fire you up. I’m on a relentless quest to make the impossible possible.
Magic is good that way. It should cause a stir, provoke your imagination, tickle your sense of wonder.
Anything short of that is not Magic.


Make It Mean Something.

Do it because it makes a difference, or says something new
in a different way.  Do it because it matters, or could matter,
to just one person.  Give people something of value,  something unique,
something that will be remembered.  The alternative is not an option.


Go All In.  

Be extraordinary. Be exceptional. Be original.
Work yourself into a fever pitch.  Make your lungs burn from running as fast as you can.
Dare to be impractical and great and different.  It matters.


Have (More) Fun. 

Too much seriousness keeps good things from rising.
It’s a protective armor, a defense against seeming too open,
or too vulnerable, or too playful.  Here’s a tip: If it’s not fun,
if you can’t laugh, then you’ll stay stuck. Laughter is good for you.
It lifts the mood, shatters rigidity, and connects us.
So laugh. Seriously.


Be a Revolutionary.

Disrupt business as usual.  Step out of the box and create your own shape.  Craft a story and a vision for yourself that dares to tread the uncomfortable possibility of naysayers on the sidelines.

Don’t be afraid to bravely go where no man nor woman has gone before.  You will inspire others.


Everything You Can Imagine Is Real. – Pablo Picasso –


Do Good.

Make the World a Better Place because of you.  Share your unique magic
so that others will say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.”
Be true to your word. Be kind. And, in the words of Google,
whatever you do, Don’t Be Evil.

Don’t leave without joining my Tribe  Make Magic Happen