10 May 2014

Those Who Don’t Believe in MAGIC

Perhaps the most challenging of audience members to perform for is the cynic.  The one who stopped believing in Magic a long time ago.  The one who feels that the Magician is trying to pull wool over his eyes or is somehow mocking his intelligence by asking him to participate.  This is, largely, my greatest challenge, but also my most enjoyable audience member.  My main mission when I perform is to remind individuals of what wonder, imagination, and innovation feel like.  If I can spark the most miniscule memory of belief in Magic, then I’ve done my job and we both leave feeling more inspired and happier than we arrived.

Of course, there are some who refuse to surrender to this wonder, this nostalgia, too stressful or painful to believe in such things, perhaps.  But, I like to think, that in spite of every protest, even they are inspired.

Be well on the journey, my friends –



About Jason Bird

Jason Bird has been performing magic for 20 years. Considered one of the best sleight of hand artists of his generation, he is a gifted close-up magician as well as a unique combination of illusionist and storyteller known for interweaving story with magic.

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