06 Aug 2014

You Are Magic

Did you know?  It’s the kind of thing that we know when we are children.  We seek play. We are full of wonder, amazement, and imagination.  We move the clouds as they drift through the sky. We connect ourselves with the stars as watch them emerge in the night. Then, we forget.  We forget the wonder, the innovation. We are told that there is no such thing as magic, and that to believe in the power of our imaginations is folly. We succumb to routines and the belief that we are just another human being making a living, paying bills, lost in an endless sea of normalcy. What if you could remember how to have magical thinking again? What if you could believe again in making the impossible, possible? Re-awaken your wonder? What if it’s true that as Buddha suggested – with our thoughts we create the world?

You are Magic.

Long ago, when i first started on this path as a magician, I was told, that as a magician we are entrusted with pulling back the curtain and showing mystery, the seemingly wonderously impossible as a guide for our audiences… I took this very seriously.  To this day, I believe that magic is more than a deck of cards. It is an honor and a privilege to reawaken imagination, wonder, and belief in the impossible.

I have begun speaking to audiences lately telling this tale.  This tale about magic and how magical you are.  I hope to see you on the circuit.

About Jason Bird

Jason Bird has been performing magic for 20 years. Considered one of the best sleight of hand artists of his generation, he is a gifted close-up magician as well as a unique combination of illusionist and storyteller known for interweaving story with magic.

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