15 Sep 2016

Fundraiser to Benefit Local Youth

Magic Show to Raise Funds for Local Arts Education

Magic is a powerful medium for doing good. On October 13, 2016, I will be joining the following all-star cast of world-class Las Vegas magicians: Ariann Black, Chuck Lane, Jason Reed and Paul Draper to raise money for the Arbor High School Choir and Theater department with a benefit magic show to delight, astonish, and amaze you.

When Jason Reed asked me if I would be willing to perform in his magic show fundraiser to support our local community, it was an easy YES for me.  Magic is not very magical when the focus is solely directed at the magic trick or the magician.  To create meaningful magic that transcends the illusion itself, it must have some lasting value to you, the observor.  As an example: Have you ever read a book or watched a film, for instance, and afterwards felt transformed? Perhaps this film or book shifted your perspective, gave you new eyes to witness the world or yourself, gave you new understanding or awareness, provided you with greater courage or a sense of hope.  That right there, my friends, is Magic. Good magic will entertain you for a moment. Great Magic will remain with you for a lifetime.  To perform in a show which will support local youth in their arts education is great magic – doing good by giving back, impacting lives for a lifetime.

If you have always wanted to see me and my fellow magi perform live (and this is a steal of a deal- $11 online, $15 at the door), join us for magical evening. Tickets will sell out faster than you can say “abracadabra”.

Order Tickets at: WWW.SHOWTIX4U.COM
When: October 13, 2016
Two Showtimes: 6:00pm / 8:00pm
Where:  Arbor High School – 7500 Whispering Sands Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89131

Once you’ve read this, I encourage you to share in the comments ways you’ve done good in your local and global communities. We are all here to be changemakers and world shakers, uplifters and forces for good. If you haven’t done so already, JOIN my tribe by signing up for my newsletter. You won’t be overloaded with email (that’s a pet peeve of mine too) but you will be given updates and inspiration and magic from time to time.

Be well on the journey, 

Jason Bird 6

About Jason Bird

Jason Bird has been performing magic for 20 years. Considered one of the best sleight of hand artists of his generation, he is a gifted close-up magician as well as a unique combination of illusionist and storyteller known for interweaving story with magic.

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